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PIP Representation & Advice

How to appeal a PIP decision

Help to Appeal a PIP Decision

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  Text: 07538 302045  Freephone: 08000 614676

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No Win No Fee - Then a Fee of Just 35%* of Backpay 

No Upfront Fees - No Hidden Fees.

The Best Qualified - The Most Experienced

 The Best Chance to Win

We help to win PIP by:

..... Filling in claim forms / medical questionnaire,

..... Prepare you for the PIP medical,

..... Applying for a Mandatory Reconsideration,

..... Appealing to the Benefits Tribunal,

..... Gathering the evidence for your case,

..... Attending the PIP Tribunal with you.

Contact us now by clicking here for the contact form,

email: [email protected], 

text 07538 302045 or call Freephone 0800 0614676

to speak to one of our friendly staff.

Our Lawyer:

My name is Darren Martin. I hold a first class law degree and completed the BPTC (the barrister training course)* I have represented people in their benefits claims and benefits appeals for over 12 years. I also have a recognised (invisible) disability (Fibromyalgia). 

As a result, there is nobody better to represent you in your PIP claim or PIP appeal.

I will represent you at the Tribunal. I will complete your forms, gather evidence and support you from start to finish. One person in control and dedicated to your case.

I am an expert on Personal Independence Payment (and other benefits). 

  If you need help, I am waiting for your call: 08000614676

So how much will it cost?

Everything we do for you is free of charge until you win* no upfront costs, no 'expenses' or hidden fees.

We simply charge 35%* of any backpay you receive. You will never pay more than you are awarded* If you lose your case you will not pay us a single penny in fees. Its as simple as that!

Call now to discuss your Personal Independence Payment appeal or claim with our experienced lawyer. He will tell you straight whether he thinks you can win your case. If he thinks you can win, he will offer PIP representation to you. If you agree, we will represent you from that moment, taking all of the pressure off you. 

We are experienced at dealing with the most vulnerable people in our society.

Don't worry about your circumstances. We do not judge, we have seen and heard almost everything and we know this is a difficult time for you. We have been there ourselves.

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Contact us now by clicking here for the contact form,

email: [email protected], text 07538 302045

or call Freephone 0800 0614676, to speak to one of our friendly staff.

Why Choose us?

Solicitors are not interested in helping.

PIP appeal Birmingham

Charities no longer have the skills or funding to be able to properly represent you. Citizens Advice do a great job, but don't have the specialist skills anymore to properly assist you.

can you appeal a pip tribunal decision

An unqualified representative who has no formal legal training, is likely to cause more harm than help.

We are different.

We want to help you and are uniquely qualified, skilled and experienced at doing so. There is simply nobody better!

PIP mental health representation - PIP Autism representation - PIP Asperger Representation - PIP psychosis Representation

CLR is not-for-profit, meaning we are not 'in it' for the money.

PIP mental health help - PIP autism help - PIP asperger help - PIP psychosis help

We are entirely self sufficient, we do not receive funding from anywhere, we are totally independent and will not shut down because funding has suddenly stopped.

PIP - arthritis representation - PIP arthritis help - PIP fibromyalgia representation - PIP fibromyalgia help

Call, text or email for help with your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim or appeal now.

Call, text or email for help with your Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claim or appeal now.

Contact us now by clicking here for the contact form,

email: [email protected], text 07538 302045

or call Freephone 0800 0614676, to speak to one of our friendly staff.

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FREE ADVICE - 10 years+ Qualified Benefits Lawyer, No upfront costs then no win no fee. there is simply no one better

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**of the gross amount of any award, fees increase if you already have an award of any amount and want a higher award. Fees apply: 1) if the contract is cancelled, 2) for attendance.* Darren does not practice as a Barrister, he practises as a lawyer. This picture is a public celebration of Darren being Called to the Bar only; for further information go to: