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CLR is a product of the increasing needs of organisations who work in and for the community; especially in the charitable and not for profit 'third sector'.

The age of austerity and the direct and savage attack on funding for advice and representation for the most vulnerable in our society needed addressing. In response, Darren and Kelly set up their first not for profit organisation to assist their local CAB with PIP claims and appeals and ESA claims and appeals.

A lot of lessons needed to be learnt, not least the brutal nature of working in the third sector. Over the last 8 years those lessons have been learnt and now CLR is the finished article. With vast amounts of experience of dealing with a wide range of community groups, CLR is best placed to help your clients with their benefits claims and appeals.

So how can we help you?

We supply you with an independent, qualified and experienced lawyer in the area of welfare benefits.

You can refer clients to us whichever way you prefer, be that a referral slip, a phone call, or our lawyer can come to your premises and hold 'clinics'.

Once we have held a consultation with your client, we will provide you with (subject to the client's approval):

  • A copy of the initial outset letter, which gives information such as the issue discussed, the advice given and any further actions.
  • Any other feedback you want.
  • Direct communication with the people who can quickly resolve issues and provide immediate resources.

If the client agrees to be represented by us:

  • We supply you with any statistical data you require.
  • We do not rely on any form of funding, so this data is free for you to use in funding bids or ongoing funding criteria.
  • We will pay a donation / referral payment to you.

We also understand the importance of protecting our delivery partners' brand, reputation and standing in the community.

What does your client get?

  • Free at the point of delivery advice and representation
  • Home visits
  • Excellent customer service
  • Independent, legal advice and representation from the first appointment, including:
    • Form filling
    • Preparation meeting for Health Assessments (where applicable),
    • Collection of all relevant evidence,
    • Specific, tailored, health assessment questionnaire to GPs / specialists (where applicable),
    • Preparation meeting before the Tribunal / Court
    • Attendance at the Tribunal / Court
    • Someone who cares if they win or lose.

Contact us now by clicking here for the contact form,

email: [email protected], text 07538 302045

or call Freephone 0800 0614676, to speak to one of our friendly staff.

We are open 8am - 8pm, 6 days per week (not Sunday).